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Yogic breathing and other ways to calm down

The walk to the beach in Westray, Orkney Isles

It's a stressful time here in NYC. And pretty much everywhere else, too. My husband made a video of me leading a simple but very effective yogic breathing practice (also called pranayama). While it's not perfect, I am posting it here as a resource. Link to video.

If you would like to take my yoga class, now offered by live stream, you can contact me via this site, and I will send you the invite. I teach a super gentle Kripalu yoga class for EveryBody. 1pm on Sundays, Eastern Time.

Meantime, do whatever makes you feel calmer right now. I also calm down by writing and taking walks in the park when I can and it feels safe. But mostly give yourself time to focus on your own work and thoughts, so as not to be stuck in the chaotic whirl.

One of the best things for immune system is reducing stress. Also Vitamin D and fresh air so at a safe distance, go outside if that is available to you.

Peace out, and get in touch if I can help you in any way. All my classes and coaching is online now. So, I can pretty much work with anyone. I can even teach a private yoga class remotely.

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