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Writing Workshops

writing in community

Inwood Writing Workshops offer a space for small, diverse groups of writers to share their work weekly and received constructive feedback on their work. The workshop groups are small, so everyone who wants has time to share each session. Feedback is focused on what the writer is attempting to accomplish, and each writer can request comments on specific issues. There is no 'house style' and all genres are welcome. I gear prompts and feedback to the needs of workshop participants rather than using a pre-existing formula.

There is now only one opening in Thursday workshop beginning October 20, 2022, so contact me if you are interested. Because workshops capped at 6 people, openings are rare. However, you can contact me if interested in future workshops. Because of COVID, the workshops are now held on Zoom, so this is a good chance to attend the workshop if you live outside of NYC or far from Inwood. Even after COVID issues abate, most likely at least one workshop will remain on Zoom to accommodate new members who live elsewhere.

Periodically, I lead one-off workshops to help writers who want guidance in how to submit work to journals, agents, and publishers. I also teach yoga for writers workshops, to aid in accessing creative flow and compassionate self-discipline. If interested in either of these, I will put you on the contact list, and announce on this website.

"Julia is a masterful writer and teacher. Her workshop was the perfect environment to finish my book."

- Heather Greer

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If you prefer to work one-on-one, I also offer private coaching and editorial service