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Hybrid collection of stories, essays and stage text, published by Liquid Cat Books

Interview by Bijal Shah on her Book Therapy site about THE MORTALITY SHOT, which she included in her A-Z prescription list under Bereavement.

Short story published in [PANK] both online and in print Vol. 16/17

Questionnaire for Sari Botton's Oldster about age, autism and finding our voice/s.

Essay about William James quote and the Unadapted, and how this relates to my recent discovery I am autistic, commissioned for Blurb Your Enthusiasm on HiLoBrow.

Essay commissioned by Sari Botton for Oldster about my grandmother, Jani, who was way ahead of her time in the 1970s, writing about sex in her sixties.

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Winter 2020

An essay about mortality and art, published by Prairie Schooner. Only in print.


May 2019

Excerpt from story published in Gertrude, because runner up in chapbook contest. Full story published in 2014 in Stockholm Review of Literature. The God Thing was nominated for a Best of the Net award and received an Honorable Mention from Glimmer Train.

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May 2019

This piece about my stepfather David's sudden death appeared in Burning House Press. Two other pieces of mine also published by BHP in 2018: Memoriam and Grief is a Private Island

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Selected Publications

poetic performance texts

Future Worlds written in 2004 and Cut Up written in 1997, originally as performance texts, were published in 2018 in TL;DR as poems.

A podcast of excerpts from this book about my grandmothers, Dick and Jani, both born during WWI before women could vote, but who took very different paths through the 20th Century. Author and critic Ilana Masad interviews me about the process of writing this book. You can also read more excerpts at Ohio Edit and  Our Grandmothers, Our Selves, a website I designed for many people's stories of their grandmothers.

article about The Amazing True Imaginary Autobiography of Dick and Jani

Article commissioned by Women Writers, Women's Book in 2014, inspired by learning of the term and concept of micro-history from correspondence with Jill Lepore while researching book on my grandmothers, The Amazing True Imaginary Autobiography of Dick and Jani.

My first stage text Word To Your Mama, was performed by Screaming Venus and then at FringeNYC in 2000, and chosen by Martin Denton for the NYTE anthology of the best of indie theater of that year. The FringeNYC production won an OOBR award for excellence. Their review is here.

my blog from 2011-19

Somewhere in Transitions archives much I have written, had produced, and reflected upon since 2011. On the top right side bar of blog, more publications are listed.

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