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one-on-one coaching and manuscript reviews

In addition to ongoing workshops, I offer one-on-one services to help writers stay accountable to their own writing projects. Any long writing project is a marathon with lonely and fallow patches. If you would like a coach to help you through the rough patches and see you to the end of your book or other project, get in touch. As with workshops, I focus on helping you find your own voice and identifying the story only you can tell. 

I offer all editing services, but I specialize in manuscript reviews, for writers who have a draft of a project completed—or close to completed—who want an overview of their draft. I provide a summary report and a reader report, usually exceeding twenty pages. This report provides a map for the writer to dive back in and do their own developmental edit. As with the coaching, I focus on the writer's own intentions and helping them hone in on their own story. I will never try to get you write like I do. I will ask questions in order that you may re-see your work as if from the outside in order to revise with fresh eyes. If after that, you still want a developmental edit, I can do that. But most writers go on to edit their manuscript themselves, which is far more economical than hiring someone else to do it, and ensures you stay true to your own vision.

"Julia Lee Barclay-Morton is a gifted editor, writer, reviewer. I hired her for her manuscript review services and am so pleased with her work, relentless in exposing the problems—and pointing toward solutions—in a problem-laden and complex manuscript. I highly recommend her. Your project would be in good hands and you would learn much to apply in future new work. Thank you, Julia"

- Vicky Gundrum

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