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Kripalu Gentle Yoga Live Stream Invitation

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hi folks,

Well, the good news and bad news from our weird new world we find ourselves in these days, is that I am live streaming my Kripalu gentle yoga class, so people from anywhere can take it. The bad news is of course we can't have in person classes. However, I have been happily surprised by how well the live streams have been working. So, you are welcome to join in. I may add more at some point but right now, it's Sundays at 1pm Eastern Standard Time (US). The class is designed for everyBody, and if you can breathe, you can do Kripalu yoga. This practice focuses on breathing, gentle mindful movement, to create a compassionate, meditation in motion. People tell me it affects their whole day afterwards and sometimes the whole week. I am deeply honored to be certified to share this depth practice that is accessible to all ages, body types, and abilities. When I started yoga I was terrified. I thought I couldn't do it. Happily, I started, at age 38, with Kripalu, a sustainable practice that has done me in good stead since 2001.

You can register for future Sundays at 1pm EST class by contacting me through the website, the classes are on pause right now while I recover from COVID (I will be OK but it's a long recovery process). You will receive a confirmation email and can get in touch with any questions. These classes are pay what you can by donation, and will send you that info after you register (the registration process is free), along with an intro to the class and the Zoom protocols. You will also then be able to get in touch with me with any questions. The first two live stream classes have gone very well. ​Anita Taylor wrote about yesterday's class:

"This was excellent. You were wonderful and this was relaxing, calming, invigorating. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Lovely. Comforting, relaxing. More than I could have asked for. I feel refreshed which in these times is a bit of a miracle. Highly recommend."

I don't know about you, but I go from calm to freaked out and back again a lot these days. What I am finding grounding is my daily at home yoga practice, meditation, and staying in touch with people via Zoom from various communities. I think the goal for us maybe is to stay physically distanced while socially connected. Not so much isolation as self-care and care for others by not spreading this disease. This proves not that we are isolated but indeed how interconnected we are for good or bad, but we are definitely not alone.

I hope for you in the midst of this challenging time for everyone some calm points, and please feel free to join my yoga class when you can. I am doing the same, taking other teachers' live stream classes. That and daily meditation is saving me.

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