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Happy New Year!

To celebrate, I am hosting New Virtual Coffee Chats with amazing authors who blurbed THE MORTALITY SHOT, will be reading, posting new reviews & offering coaching slots!

The blog post is delayed because I got to start the New Year with COVID again! Woohoo! I sincerely hope you had a better beginning to 2023. Happily, after 5 vaccines and Paxlovid, this time has been way easier than in March 2020 for both John and me. I am still dealing with residual fatigue, but it could be a lot worse. I am hoping it doesn’t kick over into long haul, but since Paxlovid is considered the best defense against long haul and is being studied as a cure for it, I hope this is temporary. This newsletter is as a consequence not as loquacious as usual…but wanted to get information out in good time…

REVIEWS OF THE MORTALITY SHOT! There are more reviews of THE MORTALITY SHOT appearing on Amazon and also Goodreads! Some will be appearing in next day or so, so check back. As always, if you have read THE MORTALITY SHOT and would like to review it, that would be wonderful. You can do so on one of these sites or on your own socials, blogs, etc. Publications like Barrelhouse and Heavy Feather Review would also be interested in seeing reviews, if you would like a publication credit as well. Because this is published by a tiny press any and all word of mouth is so important. And if you have not read the book yet, I hope the reviews will entice you! Some more formal reviews in different venues will be coming out soon, and I will post about them on my socials and add links to a future newsletter. COACHING

The workshop spots open went very quickly (people found out from newsletter or FB post), but I also offer one-on-one coaching and manuscript reviews. Email me for more information and see website. I currently have space for one or maybe two more coaching clients. READING WITH POETS OF LIQUID CAT BOOKS! I have been invited to read from THE MORTALITY SHOT alongside the poets that Liquid Cat Books has published! They somehow promoted me to poet for this event. It’s free and on Saturday, January 14 at 6:30pm Eastern. Free but RSVP! VIRTUAL AUTHOR COFFEE CHATS The first Virtual Author Coffee Chat of 2023 will be on Monday, January 16 at 3:00pm Eastern with UK-based author, Joanne Limburg, whose LETTERS TO MY WEIRD SISTERS was a soul salve for me as someone learning I was autistic later in life. She is an exquisite writer whose inquiry historicizes and depathologizes autistic women, interrogating the very basis and construction of the concept of normal. I am so looking forward to this conversation! Because of COVID part deux, I’m moving slowly into the New Year…and had to postpone the originally scheduled Virtual Coffee Chat of 2023 with Sonya Huber to February 20. You can see the list of all the authors and times here. And you can RSVP for free for any author talk you want to attend, which is necessary for access to the Zoom room. The first two with Nick Walker and Sari Botton last year were wonderful. You can see them on my YouTube channel!

See above info on the upcoming coffee chats with William Lessard, Sharon Mesmer and Bijal Shah. Later in February also includes Jacob Wren, Sonya Huber, and Ilana Masad (info on site)! Do yourself a favor and join us when you can!

OK, that’s all I can muster for this New Year newsletter…now I’m off to take a nap. Be well, stay safe, keep writing or doing whatever makes you happy.

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